Years 5 - 6

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Mr Ian Nicholas


This is just a few of the off-site activities enjoyed by our students.


Swimming All Primary students are involved in the swimming program for either 5 weeks if in an outdoor pool or the whole term if the heated pool is available. 


Chess Challenge  Students enjoy a day of interaction and challenge with the other Primary schools in the region.  Harry Poulton has been an asset teaching the students the finer points of the game.


Sport activities - with other Regional Schools including – Cross Country Run, Netball, AFL 9s Football, MiloT20 Blast Cricket

  • Cross Country Sport Day Regional School challenge. Years 3,4,5 and 6 compete in the Castlemaine and District Primary Schools Cross Country Run at the Botanical Gardens in Castlemaine.
  • Orienteering Day An interschool Orienteering Day is held, weather permitting, every May.  This gives the students an opportunity to interact with the local schools and have a fun day of competition.

Academic Challenges with other Regional schools  Maths Problem Solving day and Primary Chess competition 


Bi-annual Canberra Trip The Grade 5 and 6 students enjoy a very busy week in Canberra. There is a lot happening all the time so it is great to be there. Students meet with a local politican and even Mr Rudd introduced himself to Mr Nicholas one year! The plane flight to Canberra is always a highlight as there are generally some students who have not been in an aircraft before.


Primary Honour Roll Trips Students who completed their term's work are eligible to attend Honour Roll trips. These are usually held in surrounding regions and are a highlight to the term.  Students are aware of their progress and encouraged to complete clearly defined goals to achieve this reward.


Weekly efforts are rewarded with

  • Academic, Character and encouragement awards
  • Medal awards toward house points 
  • Green dot treats (work fully completed for 3 days in the week) 

Other Classes

  • Wood / Technology with Mr Knight on Tuesdays
  • Language taught in primary is AUSLAN
  • Mini Musical – End of year presentation







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