Years 1 - 2

Mr Geoff Treloar in the adjoining room.  


We seek to engage the children in direct, intentional teaching activities through sequenced learning experiences as well as open-ended, inquiry based tasks to provide practical and stimulating experiences for rich learning and deeper thinking across the areas of the Australian Curriculum. Language knowledge and use are essential to learning, and as such, forms an essential part of the program with speaking, listening, reading and writing. The program includes THRASS phonics, grammar, spelling, personal writing and daily reading.


Numeracy is an essential skill and this knowledge is built through a balance of the Maths Plus, online Mathletics and PACE programs. We use concrete objects and experiences to build understanding, rote training for counting and number facts, strategies for solving word problems and methods to complete number processes.


PE, music, art, ICT, Auslan, Health, Science, Geography are taught each week.


Developmental play is a part of the program aimed at developing confidence, responsibility, cooperation and social skills. Christian character training is a focussed outcome for our students – acknowledging and correcting behaviours, learning Scripture, Bible stories, prayer and devotionals.


Students take home readers every day.


The Buddies Program runs across the whole school.


Language taught in Primary is AUSLAN.


In the garden, the summer vegetables have finished up and been cleaned out, making way for the carrots, beets, broccoli, caulis, kohl rabi, cabbage and onions that were all planted out by the children last week. Now for the watering.....


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