Swimming Program



Primary Sport in Term 1 includes a swimming program run by swimming instructors at Castlemaine Fitness Centre. This starts early February and generally runs through until the end of term. 

Parents are welcome to come along. Students bring bathers and T Shirt, towel, plastic bag (for the wet things) and goggles if needed. They will travel to Chewton Pool and return approx. one hour after the scheduled starting time for each group. The swimming is generally subsidized by the College and a $40.00 cost per student is charged to parent accounts.


Secondary Swimming is held each week at a local outdoor Swimming Pool for the first 4 weeks of the Sport Program in Term 1.  It is a great opportunity to improve water skills and enjoy the hotter weather.


Swimming Sports 

At the end of February there is a combined swimming sport day for the whole school. This gives the Primary students a chance to use their extended skills each year to participate in a fun family day at Harcourt Swimming Pool.  House points are a big part of the day.


Open Water Learning Experience

On alternate years, the Year 7/8 students participate in a 100 minute session rotating around five activities including: Water safety, DRSABCD, Body boards, Rescues and PFDs. 


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