Why Christian Education

The staff of Olivet Christian College are dedicated Christians who, through their teaching, demonstrate an active faith in God. Together we aim to provide quality educational opportunities for all students including those with special needs. By providing an ordered, supportive and academically challenging learning environment, within an atmosphere of Christian love and discipline, we endeavour to encourage the children to achieve their God-given potential.


We value your support and welcome your involvement both in the classroom and during special events. Olivet expects parents to be involved in parent teacher interviews, working bees, Dedication Night, Presentation of Awards to students and other special functions like camps, carnivals, and sports days.


Olivet Christian College is seen to be a Partnership . . .


THE PARENTS who have the primary responsibility for the training of their children, but who, in a practical way, need help with this task. The basis of each child’s character, and the attitudes and values they encompass, are laid early in life.


THE TEACHERS who endeavour to support parents by teaching children about God and encouraging them to develop a relationship with Him and to value their fellow man and themselves. Essentially we do this by setting an example for them to follow in the ways we relate to each other and live our daily lives.


THE CHURCH equips individuals for ministry by bringing them to maturity within the Body. Church attendance is not compulsory but is encouraged, particularly Bible School and Youth Groups for students.



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