Bus Policy


Riding on the bus to and from Olivet is always to be seen as a privilege and not a right. It is important that a place on the bus is not taken for granted by students.



1. In accordance with the College’s policy of showing respect to all students and staff, it is expected that students will behave at all times in a way that is considerate to the bus driver and to all fellow travellers.

2. Noise levels are to be kept to a minimum for consideration to fellow travellers and to the bus driver for safety reasons/driver concentration.

3. There is a mobile phone policy in place for students while in College, on excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities. Students are asked to keep their mobile phones placed on silent mode or turned off and kept in their College bags for the duration of the College day.

4. The College strongly encourages responsible use of iPods, ear plugs, or headsets, mobile phones and other electronic devices while travelling on the College buses to and from the College. Once at College, they are “out of bounds” and should be placed in College bags for the duration of the day.

5. Students who use mobile phones, iPods and other such items at College without the express permission of the Principal will have the items confiscated for an indefinite period of time.

6. The College accepts no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones either at College, or travelling to and from the College.

7. Non-bus travelling students who wish to travel to and/or from College on any occasion must seek prior permission from the Principal by way of a written request in the diary from parents.

8. Students travelling on buses are required to wait at the bus gate inside the grounds until their driver gives them permission to board the bus.

9. To avoid all unnecessary risks, all ELC students other than those travelling on buses must remain in the College grounds until they are collected by a parent/guardian.



There are three Olivet bus routes directly to the school, running both morning and afternoon leaving at 8.00am and returning home at 4.00pm.


 From Maryborough to Olivet (via Newstead)  

 From Kangaroo Flat to Olivet (via Lockwood) 

 From Strathfieldsaye to Olivet (via Harcourt)


There are a limited number of designated bus stops to maintain safety and travel time efficiency. 


The buses are also used for school excursions and camps.  A nominal fee is charged on these occasions.


A Conveyance Allowance is provided by the Government to cover travel costs.  This is available for eligible students who reside not less than 4.8km from the College and either Olivet is the closest Christian school or there is no vacancy at Creek St Christian College in Bendigo or in Primary years at Highview College in Maryborough.


Should you meet the criteria, this is paid per child when travelling by car or by bus.  Application forms are available from the General Office and should be completed by all parents who think they may be eligible.  Once granted, the application remains in force until the student moves from Primary into Secondary, leaves the College, or changes place of residence.   A new application must then be approved to receive further payments.





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