Enrolment Form

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Olivet Christian College, please fill in the Enrolment Form  and return to the office.  If you would prefer to have a tour of the school prior to completing this document we would be happy to tour you around the school and give you an insight into how your child could be a part of our school.  

A hardcopy of will be provided if you contact the office on 03 5472 3817

Private Bus Travel Form for students planning to use the school buses  

Private Car Travel Form download by double clicking on the link.  

  • If your family is eligible, please complete the relevant Travel Allowance section.   Eligibility Cruteria - must reside not less than 4.8km from theCollege, Olivet is the nearest Christian school to your home, or the nearer facility is at capacity at the required year level. For our students this specifically refers to the distance to Creek Street Christian College in Bendigo and Highview in Maryborough.  Other Christian schools in the area are listed with different definitions.    Once granted the application remains in force until the student completes the Primary years or Secondary years dependant on year level when granted, leaves the College, or changes place of residence when a new application needs to be submitted, which is once again subject to the the condition listed above.                        
  • If your child is Asthmatic please complete the Asthma Form. In this instance, you will need to supply Ventolin and a spacer to the school along with the signed Asthma Plan.
  • If your child has an Anaphylactic or Severe Allergic Reaction,  a form signed by your GP/Specialist must be presented prior to commencing school along with the EpiPen/Anapen for your use in the event of an emergency. 

2024 Parent Handbook Information of the day-to-day running of the College can be found here.  

Booklist - The majority of books and resources are included in the Term Fee 





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